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    HIPPA Compliant, Trditional Fax to Fax



With VoipTel IP FAX solutions, get a little or get a lot, the choice is yours and either way, the quality is always superb! All VoipTel DIDs are T.38 compliant with awesome fax delivery from 2 to 500 pages!


Fax Features

    Sending Faxes
     Fax from PBX Portal
     Fax from Analog Fax Machine (Using Store-and-Forward ATA)
     Email to Fax
     Fax from Mobile App
     Receive Status Confirmation by Email After Fax is Sent

    Sending Faxes - We have multiple options when it comes to outbound faxes, with support for sending from analog fax machines, email, the PBX web portal, and a mobile app. Fax senders can be notified by via email as soon as a fax has been successfully delivered, a feature that is especially important if your customer is in a regulated industry.

    Receiving Faxes
     View and Download Fax from PBX Portal
     Fax to Email
     Fax to Analog Fax Machine (Using Store-and-Forward ATA)

    Receiving Faxes - Handling inbound faxes is made simple with options to receive faxes on an analog fax machine, view and download faxes from the PBX web portal, or receive faxes in an email.

    Instant Fax ATA
     Setup and management of your Instant Fax ATA is completed through your SkySwitch Dashboard Manage DID portal.
     For Inbound (DID) calls, faxes are received in the SkySwitch data center (where last mile latency and jitter issues are not a concern) by a Store-and-Forward fax server and then transmitted to the ATA using a file transfer protocol that is not susceptible to latency and jitter concerns. Once they are received by the ATA, they are relayed to a local fax machine that is connected to the ATA with standard RJ-11 cabling.

     For Outbound (Termination) calls, faxes from a local fax machine are intercepted and stored by the ATA and then transferred to a Store-and-Forward fax server in the SkySwitch data center using a file transfer protocol that is not susceptible to latency and jitter concerns. From the fax server, they are relayed to the PSTN using high-bandwidth SIP connections.

    Although it is possible to send faxes through any SIP ATA that is registered to the PBX using T.38 or G711 pass-through, these methods do not always satisfy the heavy fax user. This is a reflection of the fact that fax machines are especially vulnerable to latency and jitter. As a result, network problems that may not impede a regular voice call often interrupt a fax transmission and result in a dropped call.
    The Store-and-Forward ATA solution allows faxes to be buffered before being transmitted to an analog fax machine.